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Garage door tracks can be found on either side of the door. These tracks make open and close cycles possible; and should not be lubricated. However, to ensure that your door does not become stuck, the tracks should be wiped periodically. 

If you suspect that your garage door tracks are not working efficiently, get in touch with us. Our experts understand the need for exceptional services and provide you just that. You can book an appointment with our Mt Holly team by calling our helpline, 704-817-3847.

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Why do garage tracks become damaged?

Sand, dirt, grime, and grits can get stuck in the tracks and obstruct functionality. When you operate a door with obstructions, it puts unnecessary pressure on the rollers and tracks.

Apart from this, damaged cables can also make the tracks bent. If one or both cables are faulty, the entire pressure of handling the door’s weight falls onto the tracks. This leads to the bending of garage door tracks.

The impact from vehicles can also lead to bent tracks. If you notice that the garage door tracks are bending, make sure to call professionals for help. Mt Holly Garage Doors’ technicians fix your garage door off track problems, as well as replace them when required.

You can schedule a visit by calling our customer care number, 704-817-3847.

garage door track replacement mount holly nc

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At Mt Holly Garage Doors, we understand that you need not only a well-functioning garage door but also a cost-effective solution. Our technicians prefer to repair your garage door tracks before suggesting replacements. 

The Mt Holly experts will try to straighten your damaged tracks with the right tools. If you call us before the problem escalates, we can eliminate the need for replacement.

We suggest garage door track replacement service only when:

  • The garage door track spacing is improper,
  • The door falls without any reason,
  • The door is too noisy,
  • The door’s tracks are falling off.

Be it repairs or replacements, our professionals are trained to serve you quickly. Our technicians finish either of the services in just a day.  

Do you have damaged garage door tracks? Get in touch with Mt Holly Garage Doors experts. Our professionals will provide swift track repairs and replacements.

Expert service and advice available around the clock in Mt Holly

Garage door tracks may malfunction without any warnings. That is why our helpline, 704-817-3847, is open 24/7.

You can book an appointment by placing a call on the customer care number. Additionally, if you need to reschedule the appointment or need more information, use our helpline for assistance. The executives on our team are equipped to answer all your questions about services, costs, and components.

Our customer care executives will give an ETA on when our team will arrive. Additionally, if you need specific parts for the service, our executives will make a note of that and send it to the team.

You can also use our customer care helpline to get free estimates based on your repair and replacement requirement.

Mt Holly Garage Doors for different garage door track replacement options

We pair our garage door track replacement service with modern-day options for you. Our experts will provide options after knowing the size of the establishment and the usage of the door.

We suggest making use of a standard track lift option for residential houses. For commercial applications, we suggest the use of vertical tracks.

Apart from this, our technicians also offer you the most common track options. They will explain the differences and the benefits of the options to help you make better choices.

If you have been looking to replace your garage door tracks in Mt Holly, then we have you covered. Book a service request with our customer care executives at 704-817-3847.

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We tackle garage door track replacement and repairs with precision. Our professionals are adept with the knowledge of what needs to be done. We are quick to respond to your request calls.

We have accumulated hands-on experience by servicing Mt Holly since 2010. Our experience in the field gives us the knowledge to make suggestions for garage door track extension, replacement, or repair.

We serve you better by being transparent about the costs of our service. When you book an appointment, the Mt Holly team will give you an estimated cost. They will also give the details on some of the extra costs that you may incur in the future.

Our service also gives you industry-standard guarantees and warranties. If your garage door track problems persist during the guarantee period, we will visit and fix the issue.

Garage Door Installation - Frequently Asked Questions

Can old tracks be used for new garage doors?

Every door has unique specifications and is not compatible with every kind of track option. Using old tracks with a new door is dangerous and may lead to accidents in the garage. Get professionals to suggest and fit the right tracks for your new garage door.

Can I use oil to lubricate the garage door tracks?

Garage door tracks should not be lubricated. Track lubrication makes it hard for the rollers to operate the door. You can simply wipe the tracks to clean them, or you could call professionals for maintenance. At Mt Holly Garage Doors, we provide all kinds of garage door track services. Request our services at 704-817-3847.

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