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It is amazing how a garage door works. There are several minor and major parts that play their respective roles in making the garage door move. One such part is the garage door wheel.

Garage doors don’t have just a single wheel but multiple, depending upon the weight and specifications of the garage door. These garage door rollers or wheels rotate in circular or straight motion to the garage door according to the type of garage door you have.

These rollers come in use every time you use the garage door. Because of that, it is necessary to have proper maintenance. You need to keep your garage door rollers clean, and it is also essential to lubricate garage door rollers on a periodic basis.

However, sometimes garage door owners are not able to do proper maintenance of the garage door rollers. Even after proper maintenance, these rollers will break after they complete their working period. During that time, you require garage door wheels replacement service.

In our garage door wheels replacement service, we remove the previous garage door wheels and replace them with new ones. Though it appears a simple task, it can take research and inspection when garage door technicians wish to deliver you the appropriate service.

When you take our service, you get the benefits that aren’t available with any other garage door services provider. To find out more about our service, you can either call us- 704-817-3847 or read about it below.

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Garage doors wheels repair- Is it possible?

If you approach a garage door services provider and says that it is possible to repair garage door rollers, it’s untrue. You will only waste your hard-earned money in repairing garage door rollers. Even if they provide you with repair, it will only act as a temporary solution. That’s why garage door wheels repair is out of the picture as the best solution.

However, there are certain cases when you don’t need to replace garage door rollers. For instance, if your garage door rollers are off the track, you can call us, and we will realign and fix them in the perfect order.

Besides that, it is even possible to repair garage door rollers when only their surface is damaged. In some cases, you can reuse the garage door rollers after polishing. Other than that, you need to move to garage door rollers replacement to ensure that you won’t face the same issue for a long time.

If you are not sure whether you need garage door wheels repair or replacement, call us on 704-817-3847, and we will help you decide.

garage door rollers replacement mount holly nc

Garage door wheels replacement- How Mt Holly Garage Doors do it?

Garage door wheels replacement is one of the urgent services that we provide. It is necessary to replace damaged garage door wheels before start using the garage doors again. That’s because if you use the garage door without changing the wheels, it can lead to damage to other parts and even the entire garage door assembly. However, when you replace them, you will get rid of roller issues and use the garage door freely.

How to find your garage door wheels require replacement?

The indication for garage door wheels replacement is direct. As soon as the garage door wheels start losing their shape, they start producing high pitch sound while moving the garage door. Besides that, as they lose their shape, it will become tough for them to roll, causing more time to lift and lower the door.

After finding that the rollers are not functioning properly, please do not wait for them to break. You must call Mt Holly Garage Doors, and we will be at your place soon to provide you with the service- 704-817-3847.

Garage Door wheels replacement- the complete process

  • Our service starts with the initial communication when you provide our executive with the details about the issues.
  • The next step is to assign a team and schedule an appointment to visit your place for inspection.
  • We provide the quotation based on inspection and provide a transparent pricing model before going forward.
  • We get the garage door wheels as per your requirements at the right prices.
  • After that, we need to dismantle the existing garage door assembly to remove the damaged garage door rollers.
  • The next step is to place the new garage door rollers in place of the old ones and reassemble the garage door.
  • We move the garage door to ensure that you get the appropriate service and have no complaints regarding our technicians’ work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of wheels that we use for replacement purposes?

Based on material, there are three garage door wheels that we generally suggest garage door owners.

  • Plastic garage door wheels- We offer this type to customers looking for budget options as these are inexpensive garage door rollers and don’t even cause noise. However, they don’t have a long service period, and you will need to change them every year.
  • Steel garage door wheels- Steel garage doors are for customers who want to stay free from the inconvenience of replacing garage door rollers every year. These garage door rollers will easily last more than five years. However, they produce noise during operation.
  • Nylon-Steel garage wheels- When you wish to install garage door wheels once and never want to make an effort to replace them, these are the best ones as they function for more than a decade. Also, they don’t produce noise during operation.

What are the benefits that customers don’t get anywhere but only at Mt Holly Garage Doors?

Only Mt Holly Garage Doors is a service provider that works 24/7, even during Christmas or any other holiday. We even serve areas outside Mount Holly and go an additional mile to provide the best service. Also, it’s easy to communicate with us as you only need to contact us once- 704-817-3847 to get our service.

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