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Garage door panels need to be strong. Otherwise, anyone can breach in. Also, when panels are not of adequate quality, they experience wear with time. They will lose their strength, and you will find bends on your garage door panels.

It’s not only the time but also the weather that harms the garage door panels too. Therefore, we would suggest choosing quality garage door panels that can bear harsh weather conditions and are strong enough to handle external forces.

Top-quality garage door panels are expensive. However, if you move with low quality, you will need to replace it in the short term. If you are replacing garage door panels even when it's not been long since you installed the garage door, that means you made the wrong choice.

It is advisable that you take free consultation from our garage door panels technicians who are experts in their field. They have years of experience in providing garage door-related services. With their skills and knowledge, they will make sure that you get the right replacement for your garage doors. If you wish to have a consultation now, you can call us on this number- 704-817-3847.

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Is garage door panel repair possible?

In most cases, garage door panels repair is not possible. Once a panel breaks, it is unlikely to fix it. However, our technicians can provide you with a temporary solution by placing a backup panel in its place. As the panel will not be the same as the existing one, the garage door's appearance will likely suffer. Also, the material may not necessarily be strong enough. That’s why it won’t work in the long term.

Garage door panels repair is possible when there are issues related to misalignment. Our Mt Holly technicians can put the panels in their place, ensuring that no issue arises again. For any other panel issue, replacement is the only option. To take our garage door panel replacement service, reach our customer service department- 704-817-3847.

garage door panel replacement mount holly nc

Get familiar that how we perform garage door panels replacement service

We don’t wish that our customers experience frustration due to delays. Therefore, we need to perform the work under a well-defined process. Also, we keep our customers updated about the work status so that they have the complete idea that work’s getting done as per the planning. To know more about our process, you can go through the section or call our customer executive department.

Getting started by having an initial consultation

Whether it is garage door bottom panel replacement or replacing the top panels with windows, the first thing is to provide requirement details to our customer service department. You need to contact our customer executive by calling on 704-817-3847, and he will ask you certain questions to understand the issues. Along with that, he will take your basic details and pass them to the technical department. They will study the problem before visiting your place.

Inspection to check the replacement requirement

Though the initial consultation is thorough, it is necessary to have an on-site inspection. For that reason, our garage door technicians visit your home and check the panels. While checking panels, they mark all which require replacement. Sometimes, the garage door panel replacement cost exceeds the cost of replacing the entire garage door. We will let you know if it’s the same in your case and provide the right pricing.

Quotation and pricing discussion

Our technicians will understand the panel issues and provide a transparent quotation providing material and service costs. The overall pricing is lesser than most competitors making Mt Holly Garage Doors the first choice of residents and builders. Also, there will be no hidden charges when we provide the quotation. After you agree with it, technicians will start the work right away.

Designing the panels and getting soft copy approval

After you approve the pricing, we will move to design the panels. Please be assured that we will create the same panels that match your existing panels. Before executing the manufacturing, we will provide a soft copy that you need to approve. All the design elements will be considered for sure. If you require any change, communicate with our designer, and he will ensure accommodating them.

Manufacturing the panels

We only deal with top-level garage door panel manufacturers in the states who rapidly provide customized design panels. Our senior technician checks the material and follows the complete manufacturing process to ensure quality standards.

Performing garage door panels replacement

When the required panels are obtained, garage door technicians will bring them to your home, office, or wherever you wish to fit them. After bringing the panels, we remove the existing ones and bit the new ones at the place. We check them and ensure that they match with the other panels. We also check them to make sure that they don’t cause hindrance to the garage door movement.

Taking feedback and making the final changes

After checking the panels, we ask you to provide feedback and if you need any changes, let us know. We will make the changes right away as per your requirement. Therefore, our technicians will only leave after you are satisfied with the work.

Superior garage door panel replacement services in Mount Holly, NC

Our panel replacement services are a one-day job. We show up at the location with the right tools to finish the job as soon as possible. Our team goes through vigorous training to ensure that the quality of the service is not compromised.

When you book an appointment with us, we show you some options for panels. Our experts provide guidance when you are confused. We can replace panels for modern doors as well as traditional wooden garage doors. At Mount Holly Garage Doors, we also provide industry standard guarantees. The last step of our service is to look for gaps and cracks in the replaced panel.

Mount Holly, NC, team’s experts can change the type of panels you want during the replacement service. Do you want us to fix your damaged panels? You can speak to us at 704-817-3847 today.

Why choose Mt Holly Garage Doors for garage door panels replacement service?

  • Rapid Service- We know that broken panels can lead to security issues. That’s why we try our best to provide a same-day inspection and provide a temporary solution until the panels get manufactured.
  • Licensed technician- All our technicians got their degrees from reputed institutions and have worked for several customers to achieve a high level of excellence.
  • 24/7 Availability- We are always available to serve customers all the time and always provide on-time service per the scheduled appointment.
  • Best quality panels- As we have the best designers and manufacturers who always work according to provided guidelines, you will be please with the panels you receive. Call us now to get the service- 704-817-3847.

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